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ProfitTrailer Tracking Addon

Track your profits in real-time and export your data in an elegant and easy to use interface

Get it with ProfitTrailer Pro


Daily / Monthly Totals

Watch your daily and monthly profits grow in real-time

Export your data

Create a capital gains spreadsheet with one click

Local Currency / Fiat Support

Understand what your totals really mean in a currency that means something to you

Frequent Updates

We strive to have updates weekly with the latest bug fixes and user suggested ideas

SSL support

Make sure your data is secure with SSL Encryption

Easy to Use

Built around the best user experience possible

TradingView Integration

Easy to understand chart on what your coins are doing in real-time

Never Lose Your Sales Data

PtTracker has a built in auto backup for all sales logs and information

We Listen

PtTracker is built based on community suggestions made by our users and implemented by our dev team

Elegant Tracking Interface

Tracking on the go

See it in action

Frequent Questions

Is my setup supported?
Yes, PtTracker will work on any operating system that ProfitTrailer supports.
Will it work with PT feeder / PT magic?
Yes, PtTracker does not make any changes to your setup or configuration files.
What exchanges are supported?
All of them! PtTracker will work on any exchange that ProfitTrailer supports.
Are all base currencies supported?
Yes, PtTracker will work on any base currencies that ProfitTrailer supports Ex. BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT and BNB.
Is my data and API keys safe?
Yes, PtTracker works by reading the ProfitTrailerData.json and log files created by ProfitTrailer. Since these files only contains bot trading data, PtTracker is safe, secure, and does not access or use any API keys or other sensitive information. The developer of Profit Trailer (Elroy) has also looked through our code and has deemed it is safe.
Can I use PtTracker on more than one bot/exchange?
Your PtTracker license key will work for as many bots as you want as long as they are on the same machine. If you use bots on different machines, a license key will need to be purchased for each machine.

Contact us

Please direct all support questions to the Discord support channel